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Acronis trueimage 2017

Thread needs solution
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Something strange is occurring with my version of Acronis trueimage 2017.

Backs up fine but if I try to restore any files via file explorer from my onedrive folder it fails and simply pastes a file of zero length. If I use the acronis restore files function it works fine.

Any ideas please?

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Mark, welcome to these public User Forums.

I am not aware of any issues as you have described but backups involving OneDrive files / folders can be an issue if you have Files on Demand enabled which Acronis cannot handle due to reparse points being used but this would apply to restores doing by the GUI too!

Posts: 2
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Just upgraded to 2021 version, and this does the same, won't download anything from Explorer from OneDrive. Strange thing is, if I create a File & Folder backup, this will copy from Explorer and OneDrive no problem, can't understand it.

Have sent Acronis a video of what's going on, so hopefully it can be sorted. Tried this on two PC's both do the same.

Has anybody else tried this?