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After ACT 2017 disk recovery from a disk backup, I get the Non-system disk; Hit any key" error

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After disk recovery from  an ATI system disk backup, I get the "Non-system disk; Hit any key" error -- I hit a key and it boots up into Windows (10 64bit). Although I've used 2017 to back-up (overwrite) each Friday, for about a year, now, this is the first recovery attempt actually using ATI 2017 (I've been using ATI for the past 6 years, about 3 recoveries per year).  This has never happened before. I followed the same procedure as the other versions -- the prompts really haven't changed much at all.   After a few warm (and cold) boots, I entered the BIOS setup and discovered that the system disk (disk 0) had been disabled in the boot process, and the boot disk is now Disk 1 (my data disk).  The sequence priority has always been 0/DVD/USB.  Now, it's 1/DVD - No 0 or USB -- in fact, the third option has been disabled... weird...  No luck trying to re-enable Disk 0... :(

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The BIOS/UEFI setting can get confused, but normally this happens when restoring to a different drive (which is no the case here). On some main boards there is a separate setting for HDD boot priority, is this the case with your system. If so have you checked that setting which may get things working as desired. If that does not solve the problem, the next step would be to reset the BIOS/UEFI to default settings.

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Another option here would be to disconnect or remove the second drive then test booting, plus check BIOS again which should now detect the remaining available drive.