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ATI 2017 will not activate

Thread needs solution
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I paid my money to cleaverbridge and have downloaded ATI 2017 and installed it. When run ATI 2017 install I receive this this screen. I have entered my Serial number and then I am returned to the same screen. This repeats over and over again.

I have trired to contact customer support and I am told that I need to pay for support all of this in voice assiatant so no live person.

On the support page I can not chat, call or email tech support and only can post to the online comunity.

What is going on there? NOT HAPPY!

I'm using Windows 10 Pro 32GB Ram plenty of disk space.

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Carl, the folks in this forum are unable to help with activation/licensing issues. Please contact support for assistance. See  18623: How to get Technical Support: Tips, Tricks and Useful Information . Acronis 2017 includes 1 year of support unlike earlier versions that had only 30 days fo support.

Carl, did you go to and set up an account?

1.    Customer Service
Related to
- Administrative license/serial number issues (lost, fails to get registered, etc.)
- Web navigation
- Download
- Promotional offer issues

- free of charge 
- unlimited
- 24x7
- provided via e-mail and chat. 
Response time:  
-  3 business days via e-mail
 - immediate via chat

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You won't get voice assistance for free, but if you chat, it certainly is.  Go to this support page:

in the drop down - select the 3rd option "customer care".

When you start chat, tell them you have a license registration issue and need help.  If they give you any issues, point them to the 

How to Get Support thread on the main page of the forums


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Hello Carl,

I've checked your subscription key in our internal database and it is shown as activated. Does the issue still persist?


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I am having similar issues. I have regisered 2 different licences but they do not show up and the cloud subscriptions have not been updated.

I have sent you full details by another means.