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Backup File Size Significantly Smaller than Source

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Typically, my backups of individual partitions are roughly identical file sizes to the source partition.   However, I'm now backing up a pc that has not been previously backed up with True Image 2017.   I've erased and then redone the backup and am consistently getting a back up of 48gb when the source partition is closer to 68gb.   The source drive disk has been cleaned up using the disk cleanup feature (nothing left to clean up at this point).

Can anyone guide me here ?


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David, if you are using the standard ATI Exclusions and Compression settings, then this can make a difference approaching the 20GB size difference you are seeing.

Default exclusions include the pagefile.sys, swapfile.sys, hiberfil.sys and the System Volume Information folders each of which can be of a significant size.  Compression can achieve up to around 20% size savings dependent on the file types included in the backup.