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Backup SSD and exclude certain directories

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In my Laptop I have a 2TB SSD that contains 1 partition with Win 10 Pro and my data (in the standard windows documents, music, pictures and videos folders).

I would like to make a backup of this drive excluding the windows documents, music, pictures and videos folders, as the backup will become huge if I include everything on the SSD.

Is there any way to do this?


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Rudolf, if your SSD has only a single partition with all the OS, applications and all your user data, then you would need to create a normal Disks & Partitions backup image, but then configure Exclusions for all the parent folders with your documents, music etc.

The other option that I favour for my own laptop, is to split the 2TB SSD into 2 separate partitions then move all the user data into the second partition, then you can have separate backup tasks per each partition (but with the OS partition also including the required hidden / system partitions needed to boot the system into Windows, i.e. EFI System & Recovery partitions).

You can download a copy of the free MiniTool Partition Wizard software to do the partitioning from a GUI application in Windows, though this does assume that you have sufficient free space on the current large partition to allow resizing and later moving the data.

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Thanks @Steve Smith

I will try the exclusions. 

I usually also put two partitions on my SSDs. On some machines that only have a 512GB SSD I prefer to only put one partition, so I do not need to block reserve space to the system partition.