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Backup tasks and files lost

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Yesterday all my backup files were lost from my computer. The TI Make Backup window is empty.
Fortunately, I always made a copy of the backup files on my NAS.
I did a thorough scan of my computer with Avast antivirus. No virusses detected.
Then I copied the backup files back on the location where these were originally stored by TI. But TI does not recognise them.
I tried Add existing backup at the bottom of the screen, but there I can select only individual .tib backup files, not backup tasks. So if I select an incremental .tib, it does select the base full .tib only.
I checked the TrueImageHome > Database directory. There I find the .opt files, matching the date of creation of the backup files. So, eg. Archives.db0000000Fh.opt from Oct 27 matches the latest incremental .tib file. I suppose such .opt file corresponds to the full chain of full backup + all subsequent incremental backups.
The scripts directory only lists an old verify job.
Two questions:
1. How can it happen that backups suddenly get lost?
2. How can I restore the backup chains?

Using Windows 10.

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I am not aware of any other users reporting the same issue that you have described here where your backup tasks have disappeared from the main ATI GUI.

Do you have a backup of your C: drive that includes the C:\ProgramData\Acronis folders?  If yes, then if the backup is recent, then you could try restoring that folder path back from the backup image.

Note: you will need to stop all Acronis Services (first) then end all Acronis Processes before attempting to copy the folder contents else you will encounter locked files etc. Plus I would recommend restoring to a different temporary location first and making a copy of the current folders to a second location.

See KB 56697: Acronis True Image 2016: Services and Processes - for details of these items.