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Can I use Acronis Image to move files from one hard drive to another?

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I've bought a new external hard drive.

I want to copy/move contents of other external hard drives to this new drive.

Using copy and paste will take many many hours (or days!). I use Teracopy - but even this will take for eternity.

I then had a thought... maybe I could use Acronis image to make an image file and then to restore to the new drive?

Would this work? Would there be any negatives for going this?


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Omar, yes, you could create a Files & Folders backup of your files that you want to move and then restore that backup to another drive.  What I cannot tell you is that this would be very much quicker that using Teracopy or any other copy or synchronisation program.  This will still depend on the transfer rates for your USB drives, size of files involved etc.  Ultimately the same size & volume of data will need to be moved between the drives involved.

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I agree with Steve that using something like Terracopy may be a better solution.