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Can An image file be further compressed ?

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I need expert advise!.


I have a MacBook 12 in Retina  (500 GB SSD) and  was using Windows 10 in the Bootcamp, besides Mac OS X Yosemite. A few days ago, Windows 10 had crashed. Although I have an earlier Acronis archive, since I had added a few other applications, I had taken a disk image of Bootcamp with the partition, after the crash had occurred.


My problem is that while the size of the *.tib archive  is 248.28 GB, I am short of  space in the Bootcamp partition  as the Bootcamp capacity now is 223.95 GB. I had deleted some applications and all image and video files as well, in the Mac HD. Not foreseeing that  problem of space would arise, I had used the Bootcamp assistant to re-partition the drive and load Windows 10, as a prelude to replacing Windows 10 in Bootcamp with the image.


Can I seek your advise for  a possible solution?. Can the Acronis image be further compressed?.



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Ashok, welcome to these User Forums.

As far as I understand, there is no method of further compressing an Acronis backup image after it has been created.

The only method that may be worth trying if it will work with the Mac scenario you have, would be to restore the image to a spare drive of sufficient capacity, then remove any unwanted large files to reduce the size of the data, then make a new image of that modified data to restore on the designated target drive you want to use.

I have no experience with the Mac version of ATI 2017 and am not a Mac user, so please disregard the above if you know that this would not work.

You may be best served to open a post on this issue in the dedicated Acronis True Image for Mac Forum where other Mac users may be better placed to advise you.

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Steve, thanks for your inputs.