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Cannot assign a drive letter to a partition from the backup archive

Thread needs solution
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I made a backup, but now I cannot mount it.
This seems to be a recurring problem for years, but none of the solutions mentioned work.
A backup program is worse than useless if one cannot retrieve files!

Anybody have a solution that works with Acronis True Image 2017?

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards, Dave

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I would do a repair install. Make sure to get the latest version from your account download and then right-click and "run as administrator", even if logged in with an admin account.

Also, mounting is just one way to recover. You can also try double clicking a .tib and navigating in windows file explorer, using the recovery option in the main True Image GUI or the offline rescue media.

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Dave, are you sure that this backup is of a Disk & Partitions type and not a Files & Folders one?  Only the former can be mounted, not the latter.