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CANNOT get bootable rescue media to boot, including the MVP tools created media

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I have Acronis 2017 installed on a 2007 computer. I'm running 64 bit Windows 10. My boot drive is an SSD, though I'm not sure how relevant that is, and it's fine. I have 3 additional standard hard drives in this box, one of which died two days ago.

My most recent backup of dead drive's data is on another internal drive which I use just for storing backups. I don't have Acronis backing up on a schedule; only when I manually tell it to.

I have an older backup on an external drive but want to use the most recent to restore from.

My Backup task for dead drive's data, as it reads onscreen, has the correct description BUT the drives it says to backup are incorrect. I checked the innards of the backup itself, using Windows File Explorer, and the backed up data is from the correct drive. I use incremental backup scheme and checked the most recent .tib file to be sure it contains the correct data.

I have no idea how this screw up happened with the backup task now showing the wrong source for backing up but it did.

I have changed the backup task to show the correct source - now the empty replacement drive for the one that died - but without doing a backup I have no "Recover" option. And the backup now will have almost no data; the data I want is sitting there with no "Backup Task" properly associated with it.

How can I tell Acronis to recover it?

I hoped using the Rescue Media approach would let me point Acronis to the correct backup and would then allow my to restore it to the new drive. I created Rescue Media with Acronis 2017 but it won't boot! I get a "MBR error 1" message.

So I downloaded and used the MVP Tools, both the one that assumed the Windows adk tools (I have no idea what I'm talking about but did install the as suggested by MVP) AND the WinRE version and neither booted. BOTH gave me a "MBR error 1" message.

I have old rescue media from Acronis 2011 which will boot...but that version doesn't show my big data drives at all. And I doubt Acronis 2011 will restore 2017 .tib files.

My rescue media is on a CD. I don't have a blank flash drive to try.

Anyone have a pathway out of this for me?


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Richard, if your computer is able to boot correctly into Windows 10 and run the ATI 2017 application, then you should be able to restore the backup of your failed drive to the new one from within the application.

To do this, you should not worry about having the same backup task in the ATI GUI as this is not needed for recovery.

What you do need to do is to use the option to 'Add existing backup' and select the most recent incremental file for your backup to be recovered.  This will create a task in the GUI using the name of the file you chose, where you will also see just a Reconfigure button instead of the normal Backup one.

Leave the Reconfigure alone, and open the Recovery page, where you should be able to select the most recent backup by date / time, then go through the process of recovering the data to your new disk drive.

The main steps of the process are shown in KB 59870: Acronis True Image: how to restore the system to the original disk from within running Windows - starting from step 4. using the task added as above.

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Steve, I wrote a long reply, tried to save it and the website had a brain fart and it was lost.

Long story much shorter:  Thanks to your reply I now know the option exists to solve my particular problem from within the app interface.  I couldn't figure that out on my own.

Today I was finally able to create a bootable disk that actually booted.  I used your MVP tool, using the Microsoft ADS or whatever their tools are option - which didn't work yesterday.  I made some other small and I think insignificant changes in a couple of the answers during the "interview" within the tool on the way to creating bootable media.  I don't why today it worked but I'm glad it did.

My system is  now verifying my backup on the way to, I hope, a successful installation on my new hard drive.

Thanks to you and your fellow MVP compatriots for the tool and to you for your digital life saving first responder work on this forum.  I see your name all over the place so know you're very busy saving those of us with lost or damaged data. 

Maybe your story can be source of a new TV drama like Chicago Fire, featuring you saving users' data and who knows who or what else gets saved thereby.  Of course, there will need to be huge national security and life and death drama, things blowing up, car chases, very hot actors and actresses, some skin, interoffice romances, etc. but I will let you and your agent figure all that out.

The computer you're saving for me is an audio production computer.  I will lose some uncompleted tracks but nothing I will miss too much. 

Thank you again!

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Restoration done and system working.  Thanks again Steve!

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Richard, glad to read that your recovery is complete and all is back ok again!  Well done for sticking with it, and thank you for the feedback!