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Cannot stop a backup

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Acronis backup continues to give me failed execution errors.  I attempted to start a process manually. It starts and then it does not back up and just continues running without any finality.  I ATTEMPTED TO STOP AND AGAIN IT DOES NOT STOP THE PROCESS.  IT JUST KEEPS RUNNING WITHOUT A COMPLETED BACKUP.

Can anyone tell me how to stop this process and what I should do to fix the issue of failed execution.  Even if I shut down the computer and after a restart, I go back to Acronis and it is still running as it was prior to a restart of my computer.

Thanks in advance for your assistance

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Hank, there are several things that you will need to do to stop this task from automatically restarting.

First, you need to open the Windows Services control panel (services.msc) and then stop all Acronis Services shown there.  This needs to be done first as else these services will restart any Acronis programs you try to stop.

Next, in Windows Task Manager, stop / kill any Acronis Tasks shown.

Now, download the Acronis Scheduler Manager (link in my signature) and then run this as Administrator and issue the command task zap in the black window it shows.

This should prevent your task from being restarted but will also stop any other scheduled tasks from running, so you would need to reset the schedules for those.

At this point, I would recommend removing the problem task from the ATI GUI and checking that your other tasks are OK, then create a new task to do what the problem one was doing.