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Can't back up no longer. "The disk is full."- issue.

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Since a couple of days the backup has stopped working 22 mach. Every time it stops after about a tenth and gives error message "The disk is full.". It's not more full than before. No settings changed. Might have been a seceurity update made then, not shure. Running macOS Mojave 10.14.6. Running Mojave on new SSD for a half year maybe. System disc is backed up by TimeMachine, extern hard drive by Acronis True image 2017. Disks tested with Mac's Disk Utility. 

What can i do? 

Dashboard in on Acronis homepage says this about internal SSD hardrive, which isn't asked to be backed up by Acronis to the external main disk (not external backup disk):


Read error or data content is corrupted.

Error code 0x001703EF


Additional info:

Error code: 1007
Module: 23
LineInfo: 0x3CA3D96EC04CD1F8
Fields: {"$func":"GetNextPosition","$line":"158","$file":"/private/bs_hudson/workspace/ATIH-imager-mac-20-u2-release_swiss/8035/archive/ver2/input_stream_manager.cpp","$module":"i_demon_macia64_8035"}
Message: Read error or data content is corrupted.


Log in Mac, from the apps "View log"-link as image. 

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Johan, welcome to these public User Forums.

First a caveat that I am not a Mac person, so am coming to this topic from a Windows perspective.

Your screen image of the ATI for Mac application for your backup task clearly shows that you only have 1.12 Megabytes free space on your 2.73 Terrabytes backup drive.  That is simply too little free space for any form of backup activity if the values are correct.

Please check via the Mac file system tools how much free space that shows for this drive.

You could also try creating a new small backup task of a local folder with around 100 MB of data and see if that could fit on your Primar backup 2.73 TB backup drive?