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Can't figure out how to setup incremental backup with periodic consolidation/verification with ATI 2017

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I have a 1TB data drive that backs up to a NAS.  I've allocated ~3TB of free NAS space, which I hoped would be more than plenty.  And yet, I keep running out of space.

I think I'm not translating what I want to do, into the right settings for the custom backup scheme....or perhaps I'm underestimating how much free space is needed?

My goal is for ATI to run weekly incremental backups, keeping at least 8 and at most 12-weeks-worth of these weekly incremental versions.

I also want ATI to confirm (validate? verify?) the integrity of the backup set every month...and run whatever consolidation and garbage-collection it needs to do, to discard old incremental backup versions.

When I run a full backup on this drive, the initial file is ~600GB, and incremental backups fluctuate 2-8GB.  3TB free should be plenty, and yet, my settings result in multiple _full_ files being created.

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Javier, what are your actual backup scheme settings as shown for the task in the ATI GUI, and what automatic cleanup settings have you set?

Full backup = 600GB
Incremental backup = average of 5GB each.
Number of incremental backups either 8 x 5GB = 40GB or 12 x 5GB = 60 GB
One backup version chain = 640GB or 660GB (average 650GB)
NAS storage space = 3TB / 3000GB allows for max of 4 version chains to be stored (2600GB)

The above says your automatic cleanup show be 'Store no more than 3 recent version chains' where the oldest chain (650GB) is deleted after a 4th chain has been started by the creation of a new full backup file (600GB).

You Backup Scheme should be to Create a new Full backup after either (8 or 12) Incremental backups for the above calculations.

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This is what the scheme settings are now, but I can't guarantee these are the ones I had before posting.  It's possible I had it to store "10 recent version chains", which would explain the blowup.  The backup schedule is set to weekly.


So based on your input, I've modified to this: