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Can't select sub-folder in destination drive when cloning!

Thread needs solution
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I've looked at the threads on this one, but I'm rather incredulous.  When I assign an external usb drive (WD) as the destination drive doing a clone, it warns me essentially that it's going to wipe the destination drive!

Am I missing something here? The discussions on this I've read seem casually to accept the notion that the functionality to select a destination folder on TrueImage 2017 doesn't exist.  I read this, and then pulled a Curly (a la the three stooges, paddling my face in disbelief and doing doggie circles on the ground).  This can't be true.  I must be either dreaming, or missing the point here.  All the solutions are waaaaay too technical for the average home Acronis user.

I've a perpetual license, and I hope to use this product at least once in perpetuity.  My technical support seemed to expire about 12 hours after the charge went through on my credit card, so I appeal to all you erudite techies.  I just want to make a clone to an external drive.  I've got an internal drive waiting to take over the work and make it faster, but for now, an external.  Ought to be simple, right?

Thanks in advance.  Please be kind, I might go all to pieces over this.

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John, welcome to these User Forums.

A Clone is a 1:1 duplicate copy of one disk drive to a second disk drive.  A Clone cannot be used where you want to keep other data on the destination drive - all data on that drive will be wiped as the first action of a clone operation.

Please see the link in my signature which discusses the difference between Backup and Clone for Acronis True Image.

What you need to be doing here is making a Backup to your destination drive, not cloning.