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Changed IP address wont find backup chain

Thread needs solution
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Hi. I had to replace my modem router and it won't allow me to use the IP address I was using (192.168.2.x) (seems it's reserved for the guest network) and have had to change everything to a different network including the NAS as a fixed address. My typical config is to wake up the PC's and backup to my NAS on a weekly basis.

I noticed that the last backup failed and on investigation it said it couldn't find the backup chain. One would suspect that it's simply the change that's caused it, but both the NAS and the PC have DNS names so shouldn't have made a difference. So my questions are:-

Why can't I simply change the IP address of the backup schedule.

What would happen if I had a failure and "restore" doesn't find the entire chain (how do I get it to look for it).



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Dayle, the IP address for your backup task can be stored in multiple places, including the Windows Registry files.

Please see the following documents which give more information on where this is held.

KB 58000: Acronis True Image 2016: Troubleshooting Issues with NAS Devices

KB 58004: Acronis True Image 2016: Troubleshooting Issues Related to NAS Credentials  

With regards to doing a restore / recovery - this really will depend on how you are doing this?  If attempting to do a restore from within Windows, then you would need to be able to locate your backup version chain and all its files.  If you are using the Acronis Rescue Media to boot your computer, then you would need to be connected to a wired network then give either the IP address or name of the remove storage device.