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Clone error

Thread needs solution
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Following error occurs when i try and clone two same size ssd disks. This happened after my upgrade from 2016 to 2017, with 2016 have used same method without any problems. Error  reported,   failed to run the task script error #1364 0X10002 authentication package unknown 0XFFF0 with event code 0X00640067+0X0009FFFF. Would appreciate any help. Thanks AlanB.

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Not sure about the particular error in Windows - its' pretty vague.  Personally, I would not start a clone from within Windows as it requires a reboot anyway, then modifies the Windows bootloader, injects Acronis and goes from there.  Because of the bootloader modification, if Acronis fails to boot, it may not revert the Windows bootloader and leave you with an unbootable OS.  At some point, perhaps you can resolve this error - i'm guessing a fresh cleanup and full install might help - perhaps the upgrade didn't go well (not sure).

Try sarting the clone process with your offline recovery media - it's safer. 

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Alan, if you have upgraded from 2016 to 2017 without uninstalling 2016, then please check if you have any 2016 components still installed, such as Universal Restore or the Tib Mounter patch?

I encountered a similar error in 2017 that was resolved by doing a clean install of the program after removing all traces of the 2016 components including running the Acronis Cleanup Tool (link in my signature below).