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Clone tool cannot positively identify source vs destination.

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I recently upgraded my Windows computer. I have two 2TB WD NAND SSD drives that are both the same size, make, model, etc. If I want to clone the current drive to a standby drive there is no way that I can see in the cloning tool to make absolutely certain that the source and destination drives shown in the tool relate precisely to the actual physical drives. With SATA drives, the number shown in the cloning tool may or may not coincide with the number of the port they are attached to. It's not like the old IDE slave/master days. Is there any way to show some positively identifying feature of both drives that is unique? Such as the drive's serial number? The four columns in the drive tool all show exactly the same thing for both drives except the number that Acronis assigns. I really don't want to inadvertently clone the old win 7 setup to the new win 10 setup.

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Frostbite, welcome to these public User Forums.

Please see KB 56634: Acronis True Image: how to clone a disk - and follow the step by step guide given there.

Note that when you select one of the drives shown in the Clone Disk Wizard panels, the lower half of the panel shows the partition layout for that drive.  If you give your partitions meaningful names then it should be very easy to distinguish between even two identical drives.