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Cloned drive does not boot

Thread needs solution
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I am having a problem. I have 2 internal hard drives.
I cloned the active windows 7 drive and cloned it to an active new, formatted, blank hard drive.
When i go to boot up to the new cloned drive...It will not boot. It says "BOOTMGR is Missing" Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. I have run check disk  on both drives with no problem. 
PLEASE HELP!  What can I do? 
Thanks, Fred

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Fred, thank you for bringing this to the ATI 2017 forum, please can you answer the questions I asked earlier in the Old versions forum topic as below:

We need a lot more information than provided so far by your opening post where you said:

I have 2 internal hard drives.
I cloned the active windows 7 drive and cloned it to an active new, formatted, blank hard drive.

How did you perform the cloning of your active Windows 7 drive?

Was this from within the ATI Windows application, or did you boot your system from the Acronis Rescue Media or Boot CD?

What is the BIOS mode for your computer?  Please run the msinfo32 command in Windows and check what is shown for BIOS mode in the report produced - this should show as either being Legacy or as UEFI.

Exactly what drive are you cloning to?  Is this the second internal drive mentioned already, or is it another drive that is connected externally to your computer?

Screen images of Windows Disk Management showing your drives would also be helpful.

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Fred wrote (in the Older Versions Forum topic - copied to this topic for clarity).

Acronis 2017

Cloned by using the tool in Acronis tools

I'll have to check the BIOS mode ---Attached report

I cloned to another internal hard drive that was formatted and active

Please see attached files for info..

Sorry I have THREE Internal Hard Drives. 
1 with windows 10
1 with Windows 7 
A backup drive for Windows 7 ( the primary one used now) 

Files:  Disk Management screen image  and  msinfo32 report

msinfo32 report is from Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 and does not show a BIOS mode entry, instead just shows the Boot Device as \Device\HarddiskVolume2 which suggests a Legacy / MBR system. There is no mention of GPT on the disk management screen image and Windows 10 is shown on a separate disk drive (Disk 2 1TB using drive letter D:).

Disk image also shows Disk 0 as the Primary Windows 7 OS drive C: - 2TB drive with a second 2TB drive shown as Disk 1 with drive letter F: assigned.

msinfo32 report further shows for these internal disk drives:

Disk 0 - C: 1.82 TB total size / 1.14 TB free space Seagate ST2000DM006-2DM164
Disk 2 - D: 992.54 GB total size / 443.52 GB free space Seagate ST1999DM003-1CH162
Disk 1 - F: 1.82 TB total size / 1.15 TB free space Hitachi HUA723020ALA640

One of the obvious issues here with cloning from Disk 0 to Disk 1 is that the system will then have 2 identical drives installed, each having the same identical disk signature - something that is not recommended.

I am not sure what the intent here is for the end result?  Is this to have a triple boot system with 2 copies of Windows 7 and 1 copy of Windows 10, or is it to replace the original Disk 0 by the second Disk 1 drive, keeping just one copy of Windows 7?

In order for the Disk 1 cloned copy of Windows 7 to be bootable, ideally, it should be used to replace the original, source Disk 0 and the BIOS boot device checked that this is pointing to the correct drive.

Cloning dual-boot systems will always be more complicated than doing the same for a single OS machine because of the inter-dependencies between the different OS's.

Please see forum topic: [IMPORTANT] CLONING - How NOT to do this that was written after dealing with various different cloning problems for forum users.

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I think it may be my hard drive.
I keep getting error messages like this...
My disks task is waiting for user interaction.Description:
Information: Failed to read data from the disk.
Details: Failed to read from sector '452,619,040' of hard disk '3'. Try to repeat the operation. If the error persists,
heck the disk using Check Disk Utility and create a backup of the disk.
Failed to read the snapshot. (0x10C45A)

CRC error. (0x100155)

I have a new hard drive coming today. Will remove the one I am backing up to now and rteplace it with a new one. See if that solves it. 

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Fred, the error message: Failed to read from sector '452,619,040' of hard disk '3'. uses a different disk numbering scheme that the one used by Windows, so in this message disk '3' is actually Windows Disk '2', which if the information given earlier is correct would be your D: drive?

I would recommend running CHKDSK /B against all of your disk drives to check for any filesystem or sector errors.

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Windows 7 . A hell of a lot better than 10. Thats why we installed it to replace 10. 
Anyway   I have a hard drive with Windows 10 on it and Windows 7 on it. I found out yesterday that the reason it wasn't booting to Windows 7 was because there was no boot sector on it.  The computer was booting with the windows 10 drive. 
I tried several times using the Windows disk to fix the boot sector but it wasn't finding an operating system. Today like magic it found the operating system, created the boot disk and everything is operating fine.
I have since cloned the drive to another drive in case that one ever goes bad or has a problem I can boot to the other one. Thanks for all the responses but I have to resolve that now thank God.

Best Fred O