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Cloud Backup reports error 0x0

Thread needs solution
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Whenever my scheduled cloud backup completes, the email says

2017-02-13 04:30:02:900 25688 I00640002: Operation Critical Docs to Cloud started by schedule.

2017-02-13 04:30:44:525 25688 I013C0000: Operation: Backup

2017-02-13 04:30:44:525 25688 I013C0000: Backup type: file level

2017-02-13 04:30:44:557 25688 I013C0000: Operation: Consolidation

2017-02-13 04:30:44:557 25688 I0064000B: Priority changed to Low.

2017-02-13 04:34:05:792 25688 I00000000: Error 0x0

| trace level: information

| line: 0x0

| line: 0x0

2017-02-13 04:34:10:354 25688 I013C0006: Operation has succeeded.

Should I be concerned?

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Jerry, you do not need to be concerned by the log information you posted, as you have a double confirmation being shown there.

Error 0x0 = Successful aka there were zero errors.  Not that obvious but a common usage.

Operation has succeeded. 

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Hello Jerry, Steve,

The error 0x0 will be removed from successful backup logs in the next update. Status 0 means "success", like Steve said. It indeed does not represent any problem.



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It seems like the update never came, now after 1.5 years in True Image 2019, I'm also getting the 0x0 "error". At least now I know what it means :)

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Jens, welcome to these User Forums.

I have not seen any 0x0 error for my successful Cloud backups with any of the latest releases so this issue has been resolved, which suggests that if you are still seeing this, then there is something either with your backup task, or else something carried over from your old ATI version to your current one.

If you try creating a new Cloud backup task, check to see if you still see this?

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Hi Steve, thanks! :)

Oh I'm completely new no True Image, I installed the test version (2019) just a week ago and am now testing it with a very simple backup to the cloud...

Also on the days where there was no change in data to be backed up I get even more "errors" in the daily log by email.

2018-08-28T08:12:49:214+02:00 6272 I000B00EC: Error 0xb00ec: Es wurden keine Änderungen in der Backup-Quelle gefunden.
| Ablaufverfolgungsebene: Information
| line: 0xf0e8925927a8f4c2
| Datei: c:\bs_hudson\workspace\544\products\imager\archive\impl\operations\archive2_backup_operation_base.cpp:1062
| Funktion: TrueImage::Archive::Archive2BackupOperation::ExecuteBackupOperation
| line: 0xf0e8925927a8f4c2, c:\bs_hudson\workspace\544\products\imager\archive\impl\operations\archive2_backup_operation_base.cpp:1062, TrueImage::Archive::Archive2BackupOperation::ExecuteBackupOperation
| $module: ti_demon_vs_13660
2018-08-28T08:12:51:354+02:00 6272 I013C0006: Aktion erfolgreich.

In english it just says that there was no change in the data and that backup was successful.

I must say if I would get used to long error logs without any reason I would probably overlook a "real" error once one appears...

The only good thing is, that in the subject line I can already read "successful"

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Jens, I agree that these over long / too detailed logs are confusing to the majority of users and this should not be the default way of communicating information to us!

I would recommend downloading & using the MVP Log Viewer tool (from the Community Tools link in my signature) as this renders the logs much more readable, but also offers both a 'Short' and a 'Regular' view of the log data where the latter shows all the extra detail if needed.  See my screen shots below:

2018-08-29 22_03_53 short log.png
2018-08-29 22_04_19 regular log.png

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I will have a look at that, thanks!