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COM Surrogate

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Each time I attempt to delete a prior backup using Windows Explorer, I get a message that the deletion cannot be done as COM Surrogate is open.   I'm forced to go into task manager each time to end that task and there are usually several COM Surrogate tasks that each need to be ended.   No sooner do I end the task and remove one of the prior backups than I find the same issue - COM Surrogate tasks pop up again and I'm forced to go through this annoying process over and over.

This didn't happen in earlier versions of Acronis.   What is this issue and is it possible to turn it off ?

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David, this is not an issue that I have seen reported against ATI recently (if at all) that I can remember, and the COM Surrogate process is not a part of the Acronis application.

Please see webpage: What Is “COM Surrogate” (dllhost.exe) and Why Is It Running on My PC?

This has links to other resources that may be helpful here.

What exact version & build of ATI 2017 are you using here?  This can be found on the Account page in the ATI GUI.