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Copied backup files from FTP to internal drive, now i cant restore

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Have been running daily incremental backups to synology NAS with FTP

My HDD died and need to restore, I did not realize I have 150 versions of my backup and total size is almost 4tb.
Every time I try to restore either from within a fresh install of windows or recue media it fails, and the logs a re no help.

I decided to copy the files to an internal HDD (took a whole day) recovery media does not see the internal OS drive, and when in windows ill import the existing backup but it just references the FTP drive.

How can edit the "database" of the backup file so it references the local file and not the FTP server.

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David, welcome to these public User Forums.

First, if you have copied or moved the backup files from your NAS to an internal drive, then use the Delete option for the task that created the files in the GUI and just remove the task settings, which will then remove the associated information in the internal database.

Next, use the option to 'Add existing backup' that is shown hidden behind the caret 'v' to the right of the normal 'Add new backup' option, and now select the most recent backup file from the new internal drive location.

Note: when recovering the Windows OS drive, then this is best done from the Acronis Rescue Media, where if that media doesn't see your internal OS drive, you need to use the Tools > Add new disk option to initialise the new drive according to the partition scheme used by your Windows OS, i.e. GPT for UEFI BIOS boot, or else MBR for Legacy BIOS boot.