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Creating an ssd mSata on a laptop

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I have Lenovo Edge 520 with 500GB HD Win 10 Pro. Boot time is painfully slow so I have decided to install a mSATA ssd alongside the main drive. I hoped to use CLONE to create the new drive rather than the unknown software download that comes with it.  Can this be done with ACRINOS 2017

I have had ACRINOS for years an back up monthly to a 3TB LaCie,but thankfully have never had to restore. I initially thought CLONE would just mirror the whole hard drive,but it appears not.

I copy all data file I wish to archive to a usb passport ( old habits dye hard). Never use clouds but in over 40 years have never had a serious data loss caused by a crash.


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Things can go very wrong when doing a clone, although the risks of that happening seem to be decreasing over time. One thing to be careful of is making sure the recovery media you use to do the 'clone' has drivers that support both the existing drive and the new drive. The default Linux media does not support devices that use intel raid rather than AHCI. (You can check the mode of the existing drive in the Bios/UEFI settings.) You will need to create Windows based recovery media, unfortunately the ATI Windows recovery media does not support Intel raid either, so you will need to use MVP Tool - CUSTOM ATI WINPE BUILDER.

My preferred method is to create a backup and then restore to the new drive. The restore to the new drive. Before doing the backup I would load drivers (if any) for the M.2 drive. Make sure you get an M.2 drive that is supported by your computer, some support SATA M.2 only, other NVMe M.2 only and others support both.

The usual advice applies to disconnecting the old drive before booting with the new drive as the computer may go off the rails if there are two drives with the same id.

Hope this helps.


PS There is probably a discussion of complications if any of 'cloning' to M.2 drive in the link I gave above.