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crucial disk required

Thread needs solution
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I was in the True image 2017 forum and when I clicked "create new topic" it seemed to take me to the cyber backup form, so if this is a mispost, that's why.

I purchased a license for TI2017 and just want to clone my hard drive to an SSD. After installing from the freshly downloaded file, I'm getting an error message that I must have at least one Crucial product installed....

What am I missing?

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Clayton, welcome to these public User Forums.

From your description above, it sounds likely that you have downloaded / installed the OEM Crucial version Acronis True Image which can give the error message being stated.

When you connect any HDD or SSD externally using a USB to SATA adapter or dock, this can cause the make of the drive to not be recognised due to the adapter itself.

The way around this is to install the new SSD internally in your computer and connect the original HDD via the external adapter, then perform the clone using the bootable Acronis rescue media.

See KB 58816: Acronis True Image 2017: Creating Acronis Bootable Media - and KB 59184: Acronis True Image 2017: How to create a WinPE-based bootable media for more information on creating the media.

KB 59877: Acronis True Image: how to distinguish between UEFI and Legacy BIOS boot modes of Acronis Bootable Media

KB 56634: Acronis True Image: how to clone a disk - and review the step by step guide given there.

Note: the first section of the above KB document directs laptop users to KB 2931: How to clone a laptop hard drive - and has the following paragraph:

It is recommended to put the new drive in the laptop first, and connect the old drive via USB. Otherwise you will may not be able to boot from the new cloned drive, as Acronis True Image will apply a bootability fix to the new disk and adjust the boot settings of the target drive to boot from USB. If the new disk is inside the laptop, the boot settings will be automatically adjusted to boot from internal disk. As such, hard disk bays cannot be used for target disks. For example, if you have a target hard disk (i.e. the new disk to which you clone, and from which you intend to boot the machine) in a bay, and not physically inside the laptop, the target hard disk will be unbootable after the cloning.