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Delete/Remove SYnch

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I just upgraded from True Image 2014 Premium to True Image 2017 

I try to delete a sync of a folder on the desktop.  It says removing but nothings happens.  It is not removed.

I had a synch of My Documents folder going to cloud.  All I can click on in Join Synch.  I try to select the My Documents folder, and I get a message "The folder or it subfolder is already being used for another sync"

What's up

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Man, this is frustrating.  I paid for new software, and can do nothing.  My old local backups to external storage still work.  But the cloud synch stuff is toast.

It appears to think everything is on a different machine.  Nothing has changed.  Same machine and machine name.  I cannot remove any synchs or join anything.

If I totally uninstall, and do a fresh new install providing an old serial number will the old settings go away.

Appears to be a big waste of my time and money to this point.

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Brian, I would reach out to technical support and ask them directly.  2017 just came out and we don't have a lot of information about yoru system or setup and the forum has no access to cloud settings or servers.  2017 has a year of support - put it to good use and let technical support try to help you out with this one. Use chat - it is almost instant to get a response.