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eMAIL Notificatioins fail - Using Exchange

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Am attempting to use email notification feature which fails
(Have never been able to get it to work w/ ATI 2017.
Used email notifications successfully for years a number of versions ago (pre-Exchange).
Don't know if issue is related to Exchange or difference w/ this release of ATI.
Am running MSOffice 365 for Business suite (includes Outlook) (current w/ updates)
Use both EXCHANGE email and aliases (of my Exchange accounts) using (POP3: 995-SSL/TLS; SMTP: 465-SSL/TLS& SMTP) config
For SMTP authentication, am using Exchange acct name & pwd and for send to: an Alias & to a 2nd Exchange acct
(Same way I configure the Aliases in Outlook)
Have tried with and w/o POP3 server login
Fails straight away when omitted and spins when I include a POP3 server login

Would be MOST grateful for input. Esp related to MS Exchange.

(Please, see attached pics. Also, equipment & OS details in sig).


TYVM in Advance!



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Ptero, only the TLS with port 587 is known to work for Acronis email notifications.

SSL used by Acronis is insecure and deprecated, so rejected by 99.9% of email hosts.

I use a Gmail account for all my email notifications and this works fine across multiple versions of ATI provided you have Gmail setup for non-secure applications!

See KB 59265: Acronis True Image: how to set up email notifications about backup status

KB 46840: Acronis True Image: Troubleshooting E-mail Notification Issues

I have never had or used an Exchange email account so cannot comment on using that.

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That was it! Changed the port & encryption to 587 & TLS respectively, and voila, it worked!



BTW1 I selected SOLUTION for your response. Not very familiar w/ this platform. Please, let me know if it doesn't appear or appear properly.  Thank you again. I am MOST grateful.

BTW2: IDK why but the title of the jpeg I uploaded here was not kept.
"ATI eMail Nofication Issue Resolved"

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Ptero, great that the advice worked for your email scenario, thanks for confirming this.

File attachments regularly change to the generic name format shown in your post and can be very frustrating for users!