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Error unknown pattern character 'x'

Thread needs solution
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Some time ago my Acronis mobile backup failed and has not worked since.

I get, unknown pattern character 'x' message when the mobile version tries to connect to my win7 pc running Acronis 2017

The two devices see each other (ie on same network) I scan QR code then the error happens. No connection.

Ideas anyone?

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Ashley, the only solution that I have seen when I've had the same 'x' error has been to uninstall and reinstall the mobile app on my phone again, which seems to fix it.

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Hi Steve,

I have reinstall mobile app and PC app, been onto support they had me install 2020 but I could not access the backup file. I was able to create a new mobile backup with 2020. but when I returned to 2017 connecting the mobile app I get the same error unknown pattern character 'x' .

All this started way back when the mobile app update, it clear to me that the mobile or pc app needs to be patched to give me back the functionality I purchased originally. I have not changed my phone or pc windows versions they have made the changes that broke ATI.

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Your report and other reports, together with my own experience, suggest that there is something seriously amiss with the latest build of the ATI mobile backup app. On both my iPad and my iPhone it no longer automatically backs up despite being configured to do so. I backup to the Acronis Cloud rather than to my PC.


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Hello Ashley,

the latest builds of Acronis mobile app are only compatible with the desktop Acronis True Image 2018 and higher