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Error when cloning from HDD to SSD

Thread needs solution
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So When I try to clone using the Acronis software, I get as far as rebooting. Then it says error and then windows boots as normal and the SSD is still uninitialized. Any idea what to do?


Thanks in advance

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Please search the forum for "Clone" to find the many posts outlining our recommended procedure. For example, we recommend that you clone only after booting from the ATI bootable Rescue Media, not from Windows, and to have the new SSD in place internally while the old drive (Clone source) is external or in secondary drive position. Also, it would be equally effective but safer to perform a full disk mode backup and restore it to the new drive, rather than to clone.

I am not a fan of cloning. Cloning is an "all or nothing" process. If something goes wrong, the user may end up with two unbootable drives and loss of data. Backup and recovery is a far safer method, and allows for multiple tries if the user is unfamiliar. Cloning has no advantage over full backup and restore, except a slight time saving at the expense of considerably more risk and complexity.

If you do want to clone, it should be performed only after booting from the ATI bootable Rescue Media. Do not allow the PC to boot to Windows with both drives still connected. But, better and safer would be to create a full disk mode backup and restore it to the new drive.

Clone should be used only by advanced users who know what they are doing. It is riskier and can result in a loss of data and a failed system. Create a full disk mode backup and restore it, using the bootable Rescue Media, to the target disk, as it's far safer and simpler.

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Ditto.  These 2 threads probably sum up a lot of what you're looking for in one spot.

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Cool I might give backup a shot. Thanks guys

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Add me to those who do not recommend clone - backup and recover to new drive using recovery media is the best way to approach the problem. Fewer things can go wrong.