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Explain these Backup Stats ?

Thread needs solution
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1st screen shot: backup almost complete. 84.2 GB Selected - 255 GB total size - 99.16 GB backing up.

2nd Screen shot - Backup Complete - 75.9 Total size  (Previous was 255 GB)

And just before completeon, the amount backing up was OVER 100 GB.


most  of the stats DO NOT Jive !


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What version of ATI are you using.  (Your post ended up in the wrong location due to a bug in the forum software that results in posts with attachements ending up in the wrong place. The trick is to save the post, then edit to add the attachements.) Have you set cleanup rules for the task, this may explain the difference in size (deleting an old backup chain).


PS I have not used Secure Zone since ATI 2010 so have no expertise.