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Failed to create tib file but report says successful

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I hope someone can shed any light on this one please? System : Windows 10, HP Omen laptop, Acronis True Image 2017 I created following backup job: single version Entire PC destination ='browse' to usual backup folder on external disk drive manual schedule exclusions notifications (notification received ok via email and reported successful as per attached emailed log report). However, the tib file doesn't exist on the drive (the remaining drive space confirms it's not hidden). I use this external drive & software every month successfully (and other drives nightly with differential) but I can't remember which backup scheme I have used in the past for this monthly job - (just in case that makes a difference to this situation). Any ideas from the report why the tib file is not there (report does say 'Deleting backup file with path G:\MONTHLY BACKUPS\Leigh2 drive HP OMEN BUP_full_b10_s1_v1.tib." near end just before it says 'successfully created'. Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: Since the above, I have now run the same backup job again without any changes and it has worked ok (I can see the tib file and access files in it).

Also I apologise as I may have been wrong re size calculation having checked current GB available are similar so it may have actually created the backup but it just wouldn't appear in Windows Explorer. Maybe it's a Windows Explorer view error rather than an Acronis error.

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Ken, looking at your log details would suggest an issue with ATI on your computer given that the newly created backup .tib file was deleted before the message to say it has been created successfully.

I would recommend forcing a rebuild of the database used by ATI as a first step as per KB 60915: Acronis True Image: repairing program settings - and perhaps do a Repair Install if the issue still occurs.