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Failed to read from sector X of hard disk '1' (Answered)

Thread needs solution
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As per subject, True Image gets hooked up on this error.

The system is less than 7 months old with Windows 10 Home installed on an Intel M2 SSD. Diskpart and Drive Management both refer to the SSD as Disk 0.

I have tested the external NAS for bad sectors where backups are written but no errors.

So I think the question is, is True Image referring to Disk 0 when it mentions hard disk '1'? Running Intel Toolbox diagnostics as we speak and SMART values are all in the green.


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Richard, disk drive numbering in ATI is not the same as used by Windows.

ATI starts numbering from 1 whereas Windows starts from 0, so for your message, this is referring to disk 0 in your computer, so the Intel M2 SSD drive.

One factor to be aware of is that if you are making a Disk & Partitions backup image of the SSD, then this includes hidden/system partitions on that disk, not just the OS partition.

If you have the ability to check the whole SSD then you should do that, not just the OS partition.

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Thanks Steve, will undertake a full bad sector scan of the SSD soon.