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How to backup contents on external HDs and removable SD cards

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How do I backup contents of my external HDs and removable SD cards?

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Start by reading the user manual. It's spelled out there. Links to videos as well posted below.


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I'm sorry, but I don't see the answer to Chuck's question in either link.

I just got an SD adapter for my Surface Book 2 to expand my storage.  I don't want to save my backup to the SD card, I want the SD card included in my backup.  It registers as D:\, not C:\  on my computer.  Will it automatically be included in my nightly backup or do I need to do something else and, if so, what?

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Carol, welcome to these public User Forums.

The answer to your question really depends on how your current nightly backup task was configured when you created it?

If the task was for 'Entire PC' then it should pick up your SD card to include in the backup.

If the task was created by clicking through the default 'Entire PC' option to select by Disks & Partitions, then the SD card won't be included as will be deemed to be a different disk.

Personally, I would recommend creating a separate new backup task just for your SD card contents, especially as this can be created as a Files & Folders backup instead of being a Disks & Partitions task.

Note: if the SD card is formatted as exFAT then you are unlikely to be able to see the contents of any backup images created of it due to current limitations of how exFAT drives are handled by ATI.  If the SD card is in either NTFS or FAT32 format, then this note does not apply.