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How can I see what is in one specific TIF file

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How can I tell exactly what was backed up in a specific .tif file?  I use incremental backup, but I can't find only the files that were backed up in the last run.  Even looking into the.tif file, every single folder in the backup pattern is shown, so I would need to go through the 517 folders to see if there are some files included in that folder that were included in that run of the backup.

Right now I am getting very large incremented backups every day.  I want to see what makes up one of them.  Maybe it is a virus or something, maybe I can turn off some log file getting tiny updates but it causes a huge addition to the incremental backup every day.  I may be able to set to skip a file like that or reset the log, but how can I find what file may be causing that? 

What is included in yesterday's backup?  What was in last Thursday's incremental 30 day backup?  What was in the backup on the7th of this month?



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Brent, welcome to these public User Forums.

Sorry but there is no simple / easy method of identifying what was included in any incremental file, these will always show the state of the source data as it was shown on your computer at that particular point in time, not just the changes identified by ATI to store in the incremental file.

What version of ATI are you using here?
What version of Windows?
What type of backup is being made (Disks & Partitions or Files & Folders)?

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I have exactly the same with my incremental backup of one of my laptops: I see files created on a daily base that have a size of several GB's. It would be nice to see what's in each incremental backup, or -alternatively- a way to see what files have been changed on my laptop since the last backup.

  • I use: ATI 2017
  • Windows 10 laptop
  • Disk&Partition backup
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Hello Everyone,

registered your comments as votes for the existing feature request (internal ID for ref TI-160287 Show which files were written in an incremental\diff backup). Thank you!