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How to create a backup of a hard drive that has a primary partition and a hidden partition too.

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I have an HP Spectre Laptop that has one hard drive.  This hard drive has two partitions:  "Windows (C)" partition and a "Restore (D) partition. 

I want to know is when I make my image using Acronis True image 2017, will the image contain all contents from my laptop Drive (both the "Windows (C)" and the "Restore (D) partitions?

I want to image the drive with both partitions so that later if I decide to sell my laptop, I will still have the factory Restore image.  I have attached a photo of my present drive partition configuration. 


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Richard, welcome to these public User Forums.

When you select the Source panel for your new Backup task in ATI 2017, this will offer you the option of selecting Disks & Partitions, where you can select the whole Windows drive in your HP laptop including all partitions, which will be more than just the two shown in your image.  There should also be another two hidden / system partitions on the drive (EFI System & Windows Recovery partitions) as well as the Factory recovery partition shown.

KB 58535: Acronis True Image 2017: Backing Up Individual Disks or Files

KB 58570: Acronis True Image 2017: how to back up entire computer