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How to partition a disc with Acronis

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When my computer was built, the guy put in a 500 gig drive and spllit it into C +D.  C drive is only 150 gig and is almost full.  I would like replace it with a 1TB drive and split that into C + D.  I can find how to remove partitions, but not how to ass partitions.  Any help?



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Lynn, If you are doing a straight upgrade from your 500GB drive to a new 1TB disk of the same type, then doing a full disk backup of your 500GB drive then restoring that to the 1TB using the automatic method will resize your partitions to fit with the new drive, so increasing the size of your C: and D: partition appropriately.

If you want more control, then download a copy of the free MiniTool Partition Wizard program and this can be used to resize your existing partitions on the 500GB drive, including being able to move any Windows Recovery partition that may be present.