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How secure is nonstop backup?

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TI 2017. I see there is no option for me for nonstop backup set security. I mean, when nonstop is directed to external USB device (as for me right now) and let’s suppose this USB get stolen? Can someone bystander read out something from there?
More thanks, Alar.

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Alar, I cannot find any option for password protecting or encrypting Nonstop backup files and such options are ignored if set before changing the scheduling type to be Nonstop.

The only option I can suggest would be to use a BitLocker protected external USB drive as the destination for your nonstop backup, ensuring that this is 'unlocked' at Windows start on your computer so that ATI can write to that drive.  This way, if the drive is stolen the contents will still be encrypted by BitLocker and inaccessible without the encryption key to unlock them.

External drives can be encrypted with BitLocker via the Control Panel option for this.

2018-08-10 11_35_42 BitLocker control panel.png