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How to tell if my installation is integrated with Windows 10 64bit

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I don't remember the installation asking me if I wished to integrate with Windows. Also, what are the advantages and disadvantages of integration?

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I have never seen this installation option in ATI 2015/2016/2017. I think that option was avaiable at one time (ati 2014 or earlier) - it allowed you to use both ATI and Windows disk images. I think you were also able to conver Windows disk images to ATI images.


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Correct - there is no options to integrate.  It's integrated already.  If you want to have ASRM enabled so that you can press F11 at startup to boot into the Acronis recovery environment then you would go to

tools >>> more tools >>> activate Acronis Startup Recovery Manager

Personally, I never enable this since it messes with the Windows bootloader, but that's what it's there for if you want to use it.  

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