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How to turn off background operation

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While shutting down, I got the wait for up to 2 minutes message for the first time in ages (using 2017 version.)

On the True Image screen's "Backup" tab, the "Next backup" field is "Not scheduled."  

So, who's doing the backup and how do I disable it?

The biggest pain in the neck about this program is that it seems to insist on installing itself to start a boot time.

We don't need any services except those provided by the Desktop app when we manually start a backup. We're not doing incremental or scheduled backups.

Is the 2019 version better behaved in this regard?

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Tom, please see KB 56697: Acronis True Image 2016: Services and Processes - for details of each of these items and what they do etc.  There is no equivalent document for ATI 2017 but the services and processes are the same.

The only required / essential Acronis Service is the Scheduler 2 service, all the others can be set to be Disabled via the Services.msc control panel settings.

ATI 2019 introduces a new service that didn't exist with ATI 2017 in the form of ransomware protection with the Acronis Active Protection service, plus it brings fixes for known issues from earlier versions etc.