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I can´t restore, after reboot, it does not happens

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I have Acronis True Image 2017. I have used Acronis fot a long time in several PCs, Noteboos, etc, without any problem, but with my new Acer Switc Alpha 12, I have a lot of problems. When I try to restore C:, Acronis needs to restar, but when the machine restars, it does not restore my C:, instead boots into windows without any change in my system. How can I solve this problem?. Thaks for your support. Luis

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Luis, don't attempt to restore from within windows. Instead use the offline bootable rescued cd to perform your restore.

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Ditto - I had an Acer Switch 10 (took it back).  The bios was very locked down and strictly UEFI only.  As a result, it had trouble booting external media on a variety of platforms, but would do so at times. Starting in Windows will attempt to overrwite the Windows bootloader (temporarily) to replace it with Acronis.  If you have secure boot enabled - it will never happen.  Once you've verified secure boot is off, then use your offline recovery media that can be created from teh Acronis application (use a usb flash drive if possible). In order to boot the media on my Acer, I believe it was eitehr Esc or F1 I had ot tap to get to the one time boot override menu so I could pick the flash drive as the boot option.