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I migrated my Acronis true image 2017 to new PC now Scheduling function is missing.

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I recently migrated my my 'Acronis true image 2017' to my new PC and the scheduling function is now missing. Please advise how to recover this function. Thank you in advance. Frank

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Frank, welcome to these public User Forums.

I can only recommend doing a Repair Install using an Administrator account on your new PC to see if this will resolve this and the other issue for scheduling.

See KB 60915: Acronis True Image: repairing program settings - for details of how to do the repair install.

Note: you should also ensure that any installed security / antivirus applications do not interfere with the correct installation of ATI 2017.

See the following KB documents related to this aspect:

KB 36429: Acronis Software: exclude program folders and executables from antivirus and other security programs

KB 46430: Acronis Software: Making Acronis Products Compatible with Antivirus Software