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My backup settings are disappearing, again.

Thread needs solution
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This week, I noticed I was not getting the expected emails, reporting the status of my nightly backups.  I have seen this problems before, but I think it was years ago.  Since then, I have corrected the settings, only to have them disappear immediately.  In fact, I reset them, verified them, ran the backup, then check them again, all without exiting the application.  Unfortunately, my setting were gone.  The backup I ran did not use my setting, either.  So, my expected full backups are incremental.

My software is up to date.

Any idea what is going on, and how to resolve this?

Thank you,


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Chuck, welcome to these public User Forums.

This is an Acronis issue - see forum topic: True Image 2020 -Backup option settings loss

I can only recommend that you and any other affected users contact Arpita Ghosh who is the new Acronis Product Manager for these home products! (