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Need separate bootable media for different machines?

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Hello forum -


I have separate Acronis 2017 licenses for 3 PCs in my home.  If I create a WinPE bootable USB stick can I use the same one on each machine (if/when needed) or is the bootable media somehow tied to the machine (i.e. I need to create a separate one on each machine for that machine)?


Thanks - David

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David, welcome to these User Forums.

You should be able to use the same ATI 2017 bootable USB rescue media with all of your 3 PC's.  The only time you may need to modify that USB media is if one of the PC's requires additional device drivers to be injected in the WinPE media to support disk drives that would not be found otherwise.

See the forum topic: MVP Tool - CUSTOM ATI WINPE BUILDER which makes injecting device drivers very easy for WinPE media.