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Not able to login to OnLine Dashboard

Thread needs solution
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Any idea why I am not able to login to the Online Dashboard through ATI 2017?

When asked for e-mail & password and hitting Sign in - I get :-

"An error occurred when signing in. Please try again later."

If I login on ACPHO with the same credentials I connect successfully.

Any help gratefully received


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Nigel, welcome to these public User Forums.

If you are able to successfully sign in to the Acronis Online Dashboard from your PC with ACPHO then you have confirmed that your credentials on that PC are correct, so the issue here is with the PC running ATI 2017.

I would suggest signing out of your Acronis Account on the 2017 PC, then sign back in again ensuring that the credentials are exactly the same as on the other PC, then try again with the dashboard.

If there is still an issue accessing the dashboard from that PC, then check that the Acronis Managed Machine Service Mini background Windows service is running, and that there is no security software blocking access, i.e. Firewall.