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Not enough room on disk

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I've created a Acronis True Image USB thumb drive to start my PC that I want to make an image backup file. The total used space on the hard drive is 127gb. My SSD drive size is 480gb. I'm creating the image backup file on an USB external drive with 1.9tb free. The process stops because after a short while I've apparently run out of disk space on the USB external drive. Imagine that?

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Sorry, but not enough information to understand why you may be seeing this issue?

When you boot from any USB rescue media, then drive letters may be different to those you see when booted to the Windows desktop, so the first check-point is to ensure that you have selected the correct destination drive to store your backup image.

It is a good idea to give each drive a clear identifying label to make this easier.

Other than the above, you will need to save the log file for your backup action from the USB media before restarting the computer else the log will be lost.  The alternative would be to collect an Acronis System report from the USB media after the failure.