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Not enough space left for new backup

Thread needs solution
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Every few weeks I get the error message that Acronis cannot create another backup because the backup disc is full. It seems like Acronis does not clean up as it is supposed to. How do I fix this?

My Backup Setting:

- Incremental

- Delete Chains older than 7 days


I just want Acronis to use the drive as much as possible and then delete older backups and just keep on running.



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Automatic cleanup only works on completed version chains and then only after the next full backup file for a new chain has been created.

Your screen image shows you only have 24.3GB free space but a full backup will be 186.9GB so the message looks to be correct here.

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Ditto to Steve.

If you want any automatic cleanup, your destination disk must be capable of storing the entire 1st full backup chain (the first full, plus all incrementals in that chain which looks to be 5 in this case) and at least the next full backup.  You simply don't have enough space to accommodate - at a minimum, you really want at least 3x the available free space of a full backup chain for this to work properly.  External USB 3.0 drives are dirt cheap and you can often find a 6-8TB (that's huge) drive on Amazon for around $100.  In this case ,1TB would probably be fine, but when you consider that the price difference from 1TB to 6-8TB isn't all that much, if you can afford a few more bucks, get the most storage possible.

FYI.. when using the delete after X amount of days option, it only deletes files after the next full backup has completed and then that # of days must also pass.  Personally, I think it's easier/better to just keep a set # of backup chains you want if you already know how long your backup chain takes (i.e. a daily backup chain with 1 full and 5 incrementals is 6 days).  If you want to keep 2 weeks worth of backups, then tell it to keep at least 2 chains.  At a minimum this will give you at least 2 full backups to recover from and 5 incrementals and at maximum, 2 full backups and 10 incrementals.