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pc transfer

Thread needs solution
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i need help i need to transfer my one wind10pc to my new.i want everthing to work on new has it did on old one all programs passwords applications

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Ron, welcome to these public User Forums.

Do you have Acronis True Image installed and if so, which version do you have?

What type of PC's are involved here?  Are they both desktops, towers or laptops?

How different are the old and new PC's?  Are they from the same maker, have the same type of disk drives installed etc?

Does your new PC come with a copy of Windows 10 installed?  Is this the same edition as the one on your old PC?  Are both Windows 10 Home or both Pro editions?

Activation of Windows 10 on different hardware may be an issue unless the new PC comes with a license and has been activated for the same Windows 10 edition as the old PC.

Activation of other software applications will depend on whether the activation can be moved to different hardware without needing to purchase a new license?