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PF11 Function For Recovery Media Trueimage 2017 - Windows 10

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Try as I may, I cannot get this function to work on a Dell or HP Notebook at Start up. I press PF11 many times, but the Recovery Programs do not load from the DVD Media. It just continues to Boot into Windows 10 or I should say into the Windows recovery where I can only do things like a reset, which is not what I want to do !

And yes, I activated the PF11 recovery function in tools, and have the recovery media inserted in the dvd drive !

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I have not used ASRM / F11 at boot option for some years now but did have it working on an older Dell laptop back then.

It is possible that there is a protection mechanism enabled in your Dell / HP BIOS to prevent changes to the MBR or Track 0 of the boot drive that could prevent F11 from working.

If you actually see the F11 Acronis boot loader prompt, then it is also possible that these computers do not support booting from the Linux Kernel OS that is used by ASRM - if this is a UEFI system then try disabling Secure Boot and see if that makes a difference.