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Question about the 2018 WinPE recovery medium

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The promo blurb about ATI 2018 contains the comment " New automated WinPE media builder – no downloads required".  Does this just mean that the ADK is provided, or is more implied? 

Somewhere I saw this referred to as "Win RE PE".  Does that mean that support for customization contained in the Custom ATI WinPE Builder MVP tool - like wireless support - is included?  If so, is inclusion of user-provided wireless profiles part of the automated builder?

If that support is not part of the automated builder, will a custom built 2017 WinPE recovery medium work with ATI 2018 .tib files or do we need to wait for a new MVP tool?  (I know that 2018 has been added to Mustang's  page, but I'm not sure how that relates to the MVP WinPE Builder.)

Edit: Sorry for the misposting.  Please move this to the ATI 2018 forum.

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Patrick, with the new Simple media creation method for ATIH 2018, this extracts the WinRE.wim from the Windows Recovery environment (as used to present the Recovery options for such as Windows 10), so this option does not require you to download the 3+GB Windows ADK to create this version of the media.

If you choose the Advanced creation method, then there are choices which will require the ADK download / install unless choosing the Linux option.

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Steve, thank you for your response, but it didn't quite answer the question I was tying to ask.  Or perhaps I just didn't understand your response.

4 months ago i created 3 custom Acronis WinPE recovery USB flash memory sticks.  2 of them had wireless support including workable wireless profiles.  All 3 had mapping for a NAS drive.  This required specifying .cmd files during the build that got included in the recovery environment.  Is that capability included in the Advanced creation method?  If not, is there going to be a new MVP Builder tool for 2018?

I'm trying to determine if I will be able to create the needed recovery media for the 2018 product or if I should stay on ATI 2017 for the time being.

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The new media builder in TI 2018 is based on WinRE from the recovery partition of the system only if you choose the Simple method when you make the media. WinRE does contain the tools needed to get WiFi support working. However, you need to do a significant amount of work to actually implement WiFi. So the answer to your question is no, WiFi will not work with the out of the box Simple media.

Soon we will release a new version of the MVP Tool that supports TI 2018. The current version of the MVP Tool will not work with the release version of TI 2018. I've made the changes needed and have it working, but it hasn't been uploaded yet.

I haven't tested TI 2017 media to restore TI 2018 backups, but I think it should work.


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OK.  I don't see any reason not to go forward.  If you've got the 2018 Builder working I suspect you'll make it available before I need it.  (Especially since I don't actually need it at all. :-) ) 

By the way, I found the 2017 Builder easy to use once I got used to it.  Great tool!

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Once upon a time, back in the days of TI 2012 and before, it was a simple task to create a Bootable Recovery optical disc which worked like a charm.  Once Acronis created later versions, eg 2016, this charm no longer worked.

I went from 2016 to 17 and now 18.  It seems it is no longer possible to recover in the way the earlier versions did.
I have created a Simple DVD for recovery - the machine 'looked' at the disc, the screen went blank and I was left with a cursor ticking.  Nothing further happened.
I had the program create a so called bootable Flash Drive.  This didn't work either.

This process used to be so very uncomplicated and simple to initiate and use.  I have immense faith in ATI, right back to TI 6!  It's always been a breeze to use recovery disc wise - until these later versions.
I'm convinced it must be me that's the problem!
HELP!  What am I doing wrong and how to correct my problem?

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Stephen, are you still using the same computer system that you had when you used the older ATI 2012 Rescue Media CD?

I suspect that in addition to upgrading ATI to the latest 2018 version, you have also upgraded your computer hardware and in doing so, have changed the way that the computer boots from being Legacy MBR to using UEFI with Secure Boot and possibly using GPT.

These changes have also had to be reflected in the ATI Rescue Media which now has to support both boot methods in order to support Legacy and UEFI computer systems.

One other change with more modern computers is that they are less able to boot from optical media than some earlier ones, so when the optical media won't boot, the alternative is to create the USB version of the Rescue Media which should be created using the Acronis Rescue Media Builder tool, and the USB stick should be 32GB or less in size and formatted as FAT32.