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RAID-Backup with TrueImage

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Hello forum

I made a backup of a HP DL380 G5 (W28K) with a HP Smart Array P400 controller with 4 RAID-members (4 75GB SAS drives) In Acronis TrueImage 2016 the 4 disks are shown as a single LUN with a total size of 205GB (4 x 75 GB ?)

My idea was, that it's advisable to backup each member(disk) of a RAIDarray separately. Some other Linux Live distributions do recognize the 4 disks as a single LUN too :-(

The main purpose of the backup it to be able to have Windows2008 as fast as possible restored after configuration errors(OS and applications). If the backup could be used in case of harddisk failures, much the better.


- Is it advisable to use TrueImage for RAID-backups?

- What will be important to take care upon restoring that backup/tib to that HP machine (I expect that the disk-array is a RAID5 array)?


Any feedback is geatly appreciated. thank you very much!


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Ralph, welcome to these User Forums.

If you are needing to backup a Windows Server OS with RAID drives, then you really should be looking at the Acronis Backup 12.5 product (see links in the FAQ section of the forum pages).

ATI can backup RAID drives but will only do so if the drives present as a single drive to the application, and only if you use the Acronis Rescue Media to boot the system and this can see the 'single' RAID drive.  ATI is primarily intended for use in the Home user market area and perhaps in the small end of the Home Office / small Business area.  It isn't intended to be used directly with Windows Server OS, i.e. not installed as a Windows application in that OS environment.