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Thread needs solution
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Hello all,

 I have purchased the Acronis 2017 upgrade, but am still currently using TI2016.  From looking over this forum, with complaints of broadband modems going down and having to open ports, etc., and other issues people are writing here in the TI2017 forum, should I wait for awhile before committing to the TI2017 upgrade?


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I've been using it as my daily backup since the beta on all systems at home without any major issues.  i think the cable modem issue is only impacting a handful of people, but you never know.  Personally, I would go for it to give it a try.  However, I would take a local backup of the system using the offline recovery media, first as it is right now  - just in case (so I could restore it if need be).  

If you do have cable modem issues, and aren't using a third party firewall - the fix is very simple and will add the Windows firewall rules for you. If you have a 3rd party firewall, then that's where you have to make changes yourself.  So far, I think 5 people have reported this behavior so seems to be a small scope.  

If you use Secure Zone, there seems to be another bug with it - if that is your goal, then I'd hold off sine ASZ seesm to be unusable for some.  

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My experience is much the same. Abundant caution suggests doing an offline backup before installing ATI 2017.

As far as I can work out the Cable Modem issue relates to one provider - I have no issues with mine. I am sitll having issues with Try and Decide (it does not work) with my Dell notebook (I am certain it is related to UEFI); it works perfectly on my PC (which is UEFI with legacy BISO support).

I cannot get the iOS App to work on my iPAD 2, but it works on my iPhon 5S.