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Restore m'y c partition on ssd but jeep m'y d partition on hd

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I ve just bought a new ssd crucial of 256G for which i have the license of acronis true image 2017. 

I ve à little problem of understanding the way too clone m'y systèm. In fact I have a disk with 2 partitions : the c (100g) and the d for the data(600g). 

My goal is to restore the c in the ssd and keep my disk hd with d for the data

I try to understand the way to make this but I have difficulty to master this. I read the note on transfer the system on other disk  but the I don't know how to ignore the d partition. Moreover I don't know if the end must be restored

I thank all person who can help me

Ps: excuse for my English


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Oups. My second question is : must I restore the mbr ?



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It is generally better to create a backup of the disk first, then use the recovery media to recover to the new disk (see discussion in this thread). You definitely need to include the MBR as the disc signature is can be important for software validation.

Hope this help


That reminds me I have to do this for one of my PCs.